Thursday, 22 March 2012

On a Meeting

On a busy Tuesday, all Division head's and Project Leader in our office was on a meeting and I grab this chance to take some photo's of my outfit in our compound's storage area. It's my usual attire in the office and I want to share it to you all.

Sorry for the quality of my pictures, I took it only in my cellphone...Hope ya'll like it....

Shoes : H&M
Pants : GOA Jeans

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Korean Food Trip

Me and my boyfriend stress reliever is FOOD.... eating..eating and eating... how do you like that? OMG discovering korean food is the best... I found this Korean Restaurant in front of one of the Malls in our place and the price? Hmmmm better that others...

Iah is busy eating his Korean Food

for more yummy picture soon.....

Monday, 19 March 2012


Beach....Sand.....and SUN...??? It's summer time and its Beach Time. Fun..Fun.. on the sun?? but how's the outfit? is it ready? need to find some and this lovely dress from MANGO is perfect for me...If you don't agree??? I DON'T CARE....:-)

and who says GREEN is not on my color??? it's mine and only my FAVORITE color... hmmm MANGO please be on SALE this summer...

Fun on the SUN : On a Busy Training

I almost forgot on my blog, but thanks to Judy Ann that she reminds me about it. I really want to share some of my photo despite on my busy work. I'm on a LGU training while my mind thinks about my outfit, I'm thinking on having some pictures on my Old clothes MIX ans Match again for a READY to GO style.

Old Blue Jeans : Skinny Fit
Inner Top : No Brands

Doll Shoes : From Chimes

Thank for the reminders Ms. Judy..... Hope more Photos to be uploaded soon.....!!!!