Monday, 20 August 2012

Boracay Escapade

I was at Boracay last August 9-14, 2012 for a break from work together my friends. I've post in my blog my first outfit that I wear but I think, I will not post all of what I wear at my tour coz I've post it on my and account. 

Now, hope you like some of my great happy moments with my friends at Boracay. 

(For those who don't have seen what I wear on y trip. This is my tribute to you..!!!!)

Nice post with my friend Rachelle Zurriaga

SMILE with a Tatto on my back and on Rachelle's feet

Have a post on the ROCKS
Food hunting for our dinner

Do I saw Paparazzi?

I want to drive on a Baggy but my Boyfriend don't want me to do it....SAD
Discussions at Iloilo Hotel for our accomonations
Hope ya'll lke it... our next destination? Hhhhmmmmmmm......let me check my schedule..

See you soon...!!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

A day to start a great vacation

It's me again...!!! I'm so much excited to post some of my outfit for my vacation at Boracay, Philippines!!! For this post, I will be showing to you my first day outfit. I know, I don't buy too much expensive dress and outfits but I buy those really fits me well and make my self comfortable.

Hope ya'll like it..!!

Top : Liberty
Short : Acid Wash Uniqlo
Bag : Abaca made by Filipino
Accessories : Tomliz (Mix and Match) 

Monday, 6 August 2012

ALDO Shades on Instagram

I'm so much excited on my vacation this August, but last month I brought this super nice ALDO shades from Abreeza Mall. It's month end sale and I bought it with NO Hesitation.

The scarves are not from ALDO but I like the color. Just wait for my pictures to be uploaded soon on  and here in my blog at


Shades : ALDO Aviator Sunglasses

Sunday, 5 August 2012

All I want on my Birthday

Hi.... I'ts been so long since I post something new on my blog. Ive been busy preparing on my vacation. Busy looking some outfit's to be post on lookbook and in my blog of course.

August is my favorite month because a lot of Holidays are coming and my big day (Birthday) is in this month. I found and been addicted to Mango website. I found all this product from head to toe is very chic and pretty. Love it so much!!

I've list some of my Wish gift for my birthday (Hope someone is giving me this item)





I think..... the dress is really impossible.... but still the two Items are nice for a birthday gift.

See you soon!!