Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage and Pastel

Hi guys..... I've been busy watching some of the episode of GOSSIP Girls lately and I thinks they inspired me on the new trends and colors that is IN nowadays. Vintage is In with some pastel color. Its chic and perfect for me. Really?? yhaaaa!!! 

I want to share some of my mix and match vintage collection with a pastel shade.

 All Items are not made by branded names but still they are really cute. I like there color and designs and the fabric they made of is really good.

Photograph : My sister
Top : Gran Joue
Jeans : Goa
Necklace : Tomliz

See more photos soon...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Discovering Pilippines

After I graduated in college, I have the chance to travel and discover some Philippine places that makes me WOW.......!!!!

Here are some of my travel's together with my friends and officemate

@ Seagull Mountain Resort : almost near in DAVAO CITY
@ TAGUM CITY : I'm on a business travel while we stop by on there beautiful church. The biggest Rosary I've ever seen.
Having a nice SUN Experience @Camiguin City with some side trips at Cagayan and Iligan City
Me, my Bossing and my Office mate having some extra time to pamper our self from a workload. We @Cebu City!!! 
@BOHOL CITY: Old church!!
Discovering what SUGIRAO place is offering us....
and now..... AUGUST is soooooo NEAR... and we are going at this beautiful place... so Excited!!!!!!

By the end of the year.... I have 1 more trip to go to......


Friday, 8 June 2012

I'm awake in a Levis Pant's

I'm back and I'm ALIVE....... anyways, my blog is not only on fashion statement but still all my likes in the world. Movies, TV series, Food craving, Trips and other stuff that can awake my interest. 

Ohh well..!! this time I want to post my favorite jeans and my new look on http://lookbook.nu/

I brought this Levis pants last 2010 with the help of my friends credit card...... funny right? but its true. I don't have credit card at that time so I decided to pull her to the Levis store at SM Davao. Luckly, she granted my request. Lol

See you soon on my post!! stay tune folks....

pant : LEVIS
top : Imagina top
photograph : My sister (Fe Gonzalez) via my old SonyEricsson Phone