Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nothing to DO but to WATCH

It's April... and for us christian's here in the Philippines we value the day that GOD died and crucified for us to save from our sin's. I've stayed in our house all day long for 5 days but staying and nothing to do is so boring. I've done my SEO task and I feel to watch some of my favorite TV series that I  L.O.V.E it....

This is the first TV series that I love... SAD to say...Im not good in singing but I really love watching them... 
Action... Love this girl...!!!

POWER.... being a witch is not easy right..???

OMG.... Look's I'm the PERFECT cast for HELENA role.... just kidding..... I Love You "DAMON"

Modeling is one of my biggest dream.... Ohhhh I think only on can view my talent being a  MODEL.... 

If I'm know what I'm doing... watching all of this.... so stay on my blog for my 3L (Life, Laugh, Love) session....:-)

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