Friday, 26 October 2012

Marie Claire for my Sneakers

Hi..!! sorry for the long post of my pictures. I'm so much busy right now in my work because I'm fully loaded. A lot of task was added to me for and I travel a lot too not for fun but for WORK.... I hate it!!!!

Last October 8 - 11, 2012 I was in Manila for a work. I travel all by my OWN and I was so afraid but then, It was a great experience for me to travel on my own. I have no time to took some photos but I will show to you my comfy boots that I wear. 

Shoes by Marie Claire

I paired it with jeans and sweater.
I only took the last picture at Trinoma Mall at Manila in there mirror. Funny right? soon I will buy some cloths from Mango and Forever21 if I have excess in my Credit Line.

That's for now, see you soon and don't forget to comment. :-)

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